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Japanese warrior tattoo

144 Unique Samurai Tattoo:

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Final Words Samurai Tattoo Meanings Samurai body art will not only enhance your physical appearance but also help you to build a very intriguing personality.

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How the warrior is portrayed, other elements in the image, and what to samurai is doing all change the meaning of the tattoo.

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Source There are no actual samurai right now, but they certainly made an impact on many people because of their principles and qualities.

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Upper Body 75 of the best Samurai Tattoo Designs Tattoos with the Samurai motif are quite the rage among the Japanese and are slowly gaining a foothold in the mainstream.

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Originally posted by Henry Boer You usually see samurai tattoos handling a sword or killing something, this tattoo you see a samurai fanning himself like having his portrait sketched by a local.

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Arm Tattoos

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